Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Sticker Chart

Every summer I try to come up with a new and exciting game plan to keep up off screens as much as possible and not lose all semblance of a routine. It took me a couple weeks to get my act together this time, but I came up with this simple sticker chart and it's going great so far!

I stocked up at the dollar store on random items, then put them in a treasure box. The kids can earn stickers through a myriad of chores or activities, then 10 stickers earns them a treasure. Savannah is particularly motivated by this method and has been known to work hard for hours on end to earn a prize nearly every day!

As with summer's past, I'm sure this will peter out by mid-July, but we really only need to make it to the first of August when all our summer travel really takes off. Even Sawyer has gotten into it and has mastered putting his seatbelt on independently since we began! We're a week in now and those charts are covered in stickers. Keep up the good work, kids!