Monday, May 1, 2017

My 11th Birthday (by Logan)

Can a birthday get any better? From start to finish my birthday was great! I invited 5 friends (the 6th friend couldn't come). We played laser tag at Laser Assault. (We lost.) After that we had cheesecake and cookies and cream ice cream.

Mom bought a really cool candle, and it lit up the house. Literally! Soon after we lit the candle, a giant flame came up! It lit a whole lot of little candles. Every one got a slice of of cheese cake and some ice cream afterward.

We told everyone to NOT bring presents. But, my best friend thought he would do it anyway. What an awesome friend. He got me a little Star Wars set.

The Wednesday after that, we ditched school to go to his house (not really, we went to a track meet, neither of us made it to the finals, so his mom took us to his house). We played legos, star wars battle front and more!