Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Isabelle the Reader

Reading finally clicked for Isabelle this year. We worked our way through two sets of BOB books by the early months of the school year, and after that there was no stopping her. She loves to read and will read anything and everything she can get her hands on. Books, advertisements, street signs, text messages, subtitles... you name it. If it is words, she will read it. I caught her reading in her bed one night like this, and had to take a picture because, well truthfully, I thought the lighting was pretty and would make a good picture, but less superficially, because I love her passion and excitement for words and can't wait to see what life holds for this big spirit in a little body. I hope she never loses this love of learning, and always strives to acquire knowledge and wisdom in all the avenues life has to offer it.

P.S. The day when kids can read their own bedtime story is kinda awesome.