Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getaway: Seattle Style

Sometimes when I want to go somewhere, I ask Jeff if he needs to go there for work anytime soon, and we turn a business trip into a pleasure trip. Now that his employees span the entire country, I can get to pretty much anywhere if I can be a little patient. That is how we ended up in Seattle in February. I noticed that Rent was on it's 20th anniversary tour, and one of it's stops was Seattle. Jeff needed to do some work there, so we made sure the timing of both events overlapped and bam-- Seattle, here we come!

It was pretty chilly and drizzly, so we kept our sightseeing to a minimum. I can't resist a good farmer's market so Pike's was a must. It is usually a good thing we are traveling when we visit these types of places, or I would come home with armfuls of fresh flowers and produce. As it was, I tried to buy some of the most delicious plums I've ever sampled, but Jeff convinced me they wouldn't last. We did buy a book for Logan at a used book store, but other than that it was a lot of people watching and picture taking.

I really am not sure how this guy was keeping his pants on. I sneaked this picture to document the absurdity. Sagging pants must be a west coast thing because it's been a loooong time since I've seen this.

Cuz you get bigger tips if you wear a cat mask....?

After Pike's we went to relax in a downtown movie theater where we saw the new Star Wars. It was nice to be able to just go to a spontaneous movie without worrying about coordinating babysitters. After the movie we cleaned up and dressed up and met up with Jeff's coworker and her husband. The four of us ate at a super fancy restaurant (we're talking rabbit and parsnips) then headed over to the theater to see Rent together. The show was super nostalgic and just as I remembered it. It is very tied to the era, but that made it even more fun to watch. The late 90s references were abundant, but they were legit because it wasn't a throwback play-- it was just written in the 90s, during the days of answering machines and tight leather pants and the AIDS outbreak.

Sunday was really wet and cold, so we slept in, ate a late breakfast, and caught an afternoon sacrament meeting. I had brought different shoes, but since we were going to have to walk a bit to church, I scrapped them and wore my boots. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I realized I looked like a pirate. I took a picture so I could remember this outfit and wear it on the next talk like a pirate day!

After church we took a drizzly walk around some Seattle suburbs. What a beautiful part of the country. It was fun to explore a bit on foot, even if we were very soggy by the time we found a place to eat lunch. After lunch we came back to the hotel and watched the Oscars in their entirety. It was such a nice relaxing day.

I have to be a bit vulnerable here and confess something. Jeff and I got in a pretty heated argument during this trip. In fact, we went to bed pretty upset Saturday night. Sunday morning dawned and we both had calmed down and were able to talk calmly and rationally. We resolved the disagreement, had a lovely day, and came back from the trip feeling like our relationship was stronger for it. Here's the strange part-- this happens almost every time we travel together. It's as though our lives are so busy and chaotic at home that we never have the chance to get things off our chest, but when we get away together, it all comes to the surface! In retrospect, I can laugh as I identify all the trips over the years that have had colossal blowups as part of the trip memory, but we always make up and it's yet to ruin a vacation, so I guess it's just our strange way of having couples therapy?