Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beehive Camp

A few months ago I was called as the Young Women's counselor over Beehives. I have never served with the young women but always wanted to, so this year has been a bit surreal so far! I love these cute girls. They are so excited about everything we do and have a great spirit and energy that follows them.

At one of our activities, the girls mentioned a Beehive camp that a previous leader had done. They seemed to have really fond memories of it so we said, "Why not?" and planned a sleepover.

The girls came over around 7 and we started the night with team building and getting to know you games. Everybody brought a treat to share which means we had loads of sugar. Teenage girls + sugar = excessive silliness and ear-piercing shrieks and giggles. We also had them reveal their secret sister (which had been going on for a few weeks) and played a couple rounds of reverse charades. Then we settled in for a viewing of--what else?--"Once I Was a Beehive."

I'd thought they might fall asleep to the movie, but that was wishful thinking. They ended up staying up until past 2 am, which means my fellow leader and I also stayed up until 2. It took me several days to catch up from that one night of sleeplessness! The next morning we surprised our newest beehive with breakfast at the YW president's house (who also happened to be her mom). The other leaders and young women had to come wake the girls up for breakfast at 9. To say they were a little tired is an understatement! The crepe breakfast was delicious, and the whip cream games afterwards were the literal icing on a super fun, albeit rowdy and exhausting, activity.

In retrospect, I think a "late-over" would have accomplished just as much (minus the lack of sleep), but despite the challenges, it was a really great bonding experience and the girls are already asking when we can do it again. My answer to that is, "Never, but don't fear, you have girls camp next month and NONE of us will sleep for four straight nights!"