Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beautiful Bride

March was a wonderful month. My sister, Paige, married a wonderful man in the San Diego temple. He is a true gem and absolutely perfect for her. Jeff is going to have to fight hard for his favorite son-in-law status. The day before the sealing, Paige received her endowment and all eight original Mackays met in the celestial room for the first time. It was incredibly special and something I will never forget. During the session, my Mom sat on one side of Paige and I sat on the other. We sandwiched her in family love and sisterly/matronly support, and I hope she knows that we will always be at her side come what may.

After many purchases and returns, Paige found her perfect wedding dress in a vintage dress shop. She found the perfect balance of stunning and classic and pulled it off naturally like she always does.

Greg wasn't so bad looking, himself. Such a sharp couple!

And let's not forget Calvin, who is as infatuated with Greg as the rest of us. Poor little guy struggled with the long day.

The reception was intimate -- just family for a gourmet pizza and salad bar. I feel like I really got to know Greg's family because we weren't trying to greet and entertain a zillion other guests. I must be getting old, because small gatherings are definitely my cup of tea these days.

Weddings are always a good excuse for family pictures. We used the exact same location we took our extended family picture 7 years ago. A lot has changed since then! It might be hard to see, but I love Sawyer's face and posture. He's so suave. ;)

Every wedding needs a sibling picture. I think I've solidified my status as the shortest.

And the ever growing grandkid picture. We're up to 13 with another one due any day. Again-- Sawyer with the cheese! What a ham!


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