Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vegas/St. George

Our trip to Vegas over President's Day started with one purpose: to take the girls to see Finding Neverland. After Jeff and I saw in last August in New York, I started playing the music in the car and around the house. It didn't take long for all the kids to learn the lyrics and start requesting songs from the soundtrack, so when Christmas rolled around, I looked up the tour locations and determined Las Vegas was the closest place to see it.

A month or so before the trip, however, our purpose changed. Or rather, expanded. My sister announced her engagement, and she agreed to meet us in Vegas with her fiance so we could meet him! Curtis and Katie wanted to meet him, too, so in a matter of days our little road trip had turned into a partial family reunion.

Checking out Hoover Dam. Curtis couldn't get far enough back to get Jeff's head and Izzy's head in the picture, so that pink hood at the bottom is all the proof that she was there. ;)

And that's how I met my brother-in-law to-be for the first time in the lobby of a theater. We all saw Finding Neverland together, although our seats were a little ways apart. Savannah and Isabelle enjoyed it, but Izzy got pretty restless and bored about halfway through. We were all disappointed that many of the songs had changed, including one of our favorites, but I think it bothered me more than anyone else.

After the show we hit up a buffet, because when in Vegas...

We stuffed ourselves silly. The kids acted like they'd never been to a buffet before (and probably hadn't of that magnitude) and were over the top about how much food they could collect, if not consume. It was a wonderful meal with wonderful company, and we all enjoyed getting to know Greg a little better.

The next day I was able to break away with Paige and Greg for a little bit and take some engagement pictures. I wasn't sure if I knew how to take pictures in a desert and have them turn out well, but holy cow! I am in love with desert scenery now! We went to downtown Boulder City which was full of all sorts of quaint store fronts and street art, then hit up a hill above town for some desert sunset views. All of it was gorgeous and I loved being a small part of Paige and Greg's beginning.

We couldn't resist getting some silhouettes of Curtis and Katie (and baby).

Day 3 we had to head back home, but not without a small detour to Pioneer Park in St. George. This has become one of our favorite places to visit and anytime we can fit it in on a road trip, we do. We took an hour or so to explore and conquer, and I only heard complaints when it was time to go. I'm working on finding more ways to mask "hiking" as "exploring," because my kids seem to feel enthralled with one and tortured by the other.