Thursday, February 12, 2015

A White New Year

After our perfect Christmas morning, we jumped in the car for our two day road trip to Wyoming. The plan was to meet Jeff's brother and parents at his sister's house in Sheridan. They started their drive from Utah about shortly after we left Omaha on our second day. By a stroke of sheer luck, we hit the highway to take us into northern Wyoming at EXACTLY the same moment Jeff's parents reached the same exchange coming from Utah. We couldn't believe it when we recognized their car in front of us! It was totally unplanned and unreal.

We were excited to see so much snow on the ground when we pulled into Amy's house. In comparison to our snowy winter of 2013-14, this year we have not seen ANY snow to speak of. We took advantage of it and spent an afternoon sledding and another ice skating.

This next series of 4 pictures cracks me up. Isabelle was trying to give Jeff and Sawyer a push to get them started down the hill. When her strength gave out, Aunt Amy stepped in to save the day!

Isabelle refused to sled. She has suddenly become very timid when it comes to risky ventures. She did, however, love the snow and made many snow angels.

After an hour or so, the little ones were spent.

Ice skating at the (free) outdoor rink was a blast. Our kids are still pretty wobbly on the ice, but had smiles plastered on their faces the whole time. Good thing they have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles to help them keep their feet under them!

It was fun to spend time with Samantha, who has always been a part of Jeff's family, but is now legally one as well. In typical Pendleton fashion, we played countless games over the week we were together. On our drive there, I realized that we hadn't gotten any new games for Christmas and didn't have anything to contribute to the game festivities. I spent a good chunk of our drive researching the best board and card games of the year, then ordered two new ones to be shipped to us while we were there. One is called Quilt Show, which is a lot like Ticket to Ride, but with a quilting theme. It was fun to have one designed more for the ladies, and my kids have since dubbed it one of their favorites. The other game we got is Hanabi, and card game where you can't see your own cards! It's a game of teamwork and a lot of fun. It's completely different from any game I've ever played, which when you play as many games as we do, is hard to say!

Amy and Jeff made sure I was spoiled on my birthday and put up with a double feature at the movie theater. With two musical remakes showing, how could I possibly choose? So we saw both-- Annie with the whole group, and Into the Woods with just the older girls. We rang in the New Years with games and s'mores, then just seconds after saying "Happy New Year," Savannah lost her first tooth!

It was an exciting and eventful week, full of fun and family. Our drive back was dry and we made great time. We felt extremely fortunate to have been watched over while driving 32 hours across South Dakota and Nebraska in the middle of winter. Thanks, family! Let's do it again soon!