Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

With mixed feelings I am taking our Christmas letter digital this year. Hopefully it's reach is broadened and it's message echoed as I send it deep into the depths of cyberspace. We send it with the warmest possible wishes and all the love we can muster to our dear family and friends.

2014 has been a wonderful year, just like all the ones before it. It started out with three family weddings (Byron, Paige, Curtis) in three months. We had a whirlwind spring traveling back and forth to be present at each, but we are super excited to have two new aunts and a new uncle!

Logan celebrated a landmark birthday, accompanied by a baptism and confirmation. It was an incredible experience as a parent to witness our child make a major decision and be so proud of the young man he is becoming. He now is a Wolf Scout and loves attending scouts every week. He continues to progress on the piano and has dabbled in soccer and basketball this year.

Savannah turned 6 and started 1st grade. She loves school, especially her friends and teachers. She participated in her first book group this summer, played soccer in the fall, and started taking dance lessons. When asked, she can't tell you which she loves most. She is a great cook and is our mom-in-training around the house. She even mastered diaper changes this year!

Isabelle (3) is the spice of our family. She brings out the best (and sometimes worst) of all of us, but we sure love her feisty temperament! She is a little sponge and is learning faster than we can keep up with. I am pretty sure she is smarter than I am, since she always seems to get what she wants! Like her sister, she loves soccer and dance.

Sawyer grew from baby to toddler in 2014. He turned 1, started walking, and discovered his personality. It turns out he loves remote controls so now we have to hide them while watching TV or he will randomly change the channel or increase the volume.

As a family, we took a few noteworthy vacations to Branson and Arches. Jeff and I also took some kid-free trips to the Bahamas and New York City. We celebrated 10 years of marital bliss, and enjoyed the peace and calm that comes from going an entire year without moving! We are still happily settled in northwest Arkansas, and look forward to another year here.

Above all, we have felt the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in our lives this year. He has blessed us tremendously and we strive to serve Him in all that we do. We hope all is well with you and yours, and wish you a very merry Christmas!

Love, the Pendletons