Friday, July 12, 2013

Big belly

I think if Jeff hears me say, "I want to (fill in the blank) because this is probably our last baby and I won't have another chance..." one more time, he is going to schedule work trips from now until the baby is due. I must be completely impossible to live with right now. My poor family.

Well the latest on my pregnancy bucket-list has been maternity photos. I've never relished the idea of taking them, but I am afraid I might regret not having any if I don't. After taking a few maternity pictures for our cousins this weekend, I decided to compromise and have Jeff take a few in the backyard. I feel like I am carrying this baby far differently than any of the others. Usually my babies are wide, but this one feels all in front. Also, this baby feels much lower than the other three. A stranger told me out of the blue that I must be having a boy because of how I was carrying. Well, I don't know about that (although I hope so) but there are definitely differences. The lowness has really helped with some of the rib pain, but now I have all sorts of other pains I didn't experience before. Just goes to show there is no better or worse way to be pregnant. :)

In other baby news, I am 31 weeks now with just under 2 months to go. I went for a 2-mile run last week, thereby accomplishing my goal of running at 30 weeks. Although I didn't feel too bad on the run, I am not sure if I will attempt it again. I am anticipating going overdue, so I try not to get too caught up in the number of days left. Luckily, the rest of our summer is jammed packed until school starts, then I am looking forward to as many weeks of calm before the storm as I can.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dad Olympics

The weekend before Father's Day, one of my awesome friends organized a Dad Olympics. She planned a bunch of events for which points could be earned, then the top five were awarded and honored at the end. It was such a great idea and I think we'll have to try and start the tradition here next year.

For anybody that knows Jeff well, you know that his competition is fierce in areas where he knows he can win, and pretty lack-luster in things he knows he doesn't stand a chance. The first event was a wall sit. This one falls into the don't-stand-a-chance category. So about 20 seconds into it, Jeff turned to the guy next to him, made some sort of deal, and they both stood up at the same time. I can't say I don't see his logic.

After that we mostly just laughed as we watched the remaining suckers sit for 4 and 5 minutes. Did I mention that you only got points if you were in the top 5? So guy number 6 who lasted 3 or 4 minutes got the same number of points as Jeff who stood up at 23 seconds: zippo.

Event #2: tug-o-war. The guys in gray and blue were the judges. Jeff was on the pulling team. I think the picture explains the rest.

The second round the teams were more evenly matched so, naturally, more effort was given. I think they even won this one.

Event #3 was a crazy relay involving babies, diapers, stroller, and a hand-less apple exchange.

Sorry Jeff and Joel-- don't hate me for posting this. I was laughing so hard through this whole event I'm surprised I was able to get any pictures at all.

The events continued for a good two hours and were topped off with a potluck and awards ceremony. It was such a fun day for everyone and I loved that the guys (who are usually the least entertained by social gatherings) had something to do the whole time. Thanks, Lindsey, for being the mastermind behind it all!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Lego storage

Like most little boys, Logan is a Lego fanatic. I could get rid of every single toy in his closet except for his Legos and he would still be happy as a clam. I resisted buying them at first because they are (a) pricey and (b) small and sharp. But after realizing that they last FOREVER and eventually your feet toughen up, they really aren't so bad. In fact, I would say they are currently my favorite toy and the one thing I really don't mind buying for every Christmas/birthday/bribe.

Several years into his Lego obsession I realized we had a problem. Almost daily Logan would come to me asking to "sort" his Legos. What that means is he would dump his entire box of Legos into several cookie sheets so he could comb through them and find whatever tiny obscure piece he needed. The result of "sorting" usually included Legos all over the house, a complete disaster in Logan's room, and a general resistance to put them away at night because he was still working on some project and needed them out. My frustration built until finally Pinterest and Walmart saved the day.

Here is our new Lego storage solution. We picked up several stackable tool boxes (the kind intended to hold nails and other small hardware) with re-positionable dividers. Logan helped me decide how to organize and sort the Legos in the boxes, which I think is critical in maintaining the organization after the fact.

The first box holds blue, gray, white, green, purple, and clear Legos.

The second holds black, red, yellow, orange, brown, and tan Legos. It looks like it won't be long before black needs it's own box. I considered sorting the blacks further (perhaps by size?) but decided against it for now.

The last box contains wheels and minifigures. Logan has his own system for the minifigures that I don't fully understand, but that's the beauty of it-- he does.

Lastly, we put all his instructions in a binder so he can find them quickly and easily and hopefully they won't get demolished like they have in the past. Before, Logan would get a new set, build it once, then a week or so later it would break apart and get mixed into the rest of the Legos and that was that. Now he is rebuilding things he hasn't built in years. It's nice to know there is a point to buying actual kits.

One of my requirements was that Lego storage had to be portable. I love that theses cases all lock together and have handles. The one thing I didn't show is the old box we used to keep the Legos in. That box is now being used to house built things or works in progress.

I know this is an odd post for a family blog but I am SO excited that we finally found a system that works. It's been over a month since we did this and they are still organized. Logan now understands what it means when I tell him to clean up his Legos and will actually go and do it. It may seem trivial, but this is a big milestone for him and I both.

Beating the heat

After a crazy couple of weeks, our boxes are unpacked, our pictures are (mostly) hung, and I am starting to feel like we can go back to a normal routine. Well, I would feel like that except that we are in a new city where there is no "normal" to us. For the first time in a month, I found myself thinking this afternoon that I had nothing to do. Correction: I had nothing that needed to be done. So I figured it was time to play catch up on our lives.

The weather had only just started to really warm up (90+ degrees) before we left Oklahoma. On a few of the hot days, we broke out a sprinkler attachment and set it up on the trampoline. The kids had a blast jumping and cooling off. We even attracted a few of the neighbors to come join in the fun. Today is another scorcher. Perhaps we are due for an encore?

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Here is Savannah trying to imitate Lightning McQueen.