Thursday, June 27, 2013

The 18 month house hunt

It's funny how time and perspective can change everything. 18 months ago we were coming up on 6 years of home ownership. For the most part, I'd loved the two houses we'd owned and it had been fun making them our own. But it was kind of nice to go back to renting when we moved to Oklahoma City. No more costly repairs, no more stress over resale and market value, no constant renovations, and no feeling trapped if an opportunity were to fall in our laps. But there are downsides to renting, just as there are downsides to ownership. After just a few months of renting, we were already eying the market. I was getting antsy to paint, plant a garden, do some minor remodeling, not worry about every nick and ding, and above all, feel stable! For over a year we did not stop looking. We tried to buy a house last fall. Two houses actually. But neither one worked out and we ended up in another rental. And another city. And another ward. And another school.

Nine months later, we are finally feeling settled again. We know the area. We know our neighbors. We know our ward. And we are still in a rental.

But all that is about to change.

After months and months of house hunting, we finally found a house that fits our needs. And on top of that, it passed the inspection with flying colors and there were no financing glitches. Hooray! Unfortunately, it means uprooting our family one more time. New house, new ward, new school, new STATE. Yup, this house is not even in Oklahoma. We are making the jump to Arkansas. But despite all the changes that come with this move, I am optimistic that we will stay for awhile. No more moving every 9 months. :)

More details and pictures will come when we get moved in, but here is the view from the street of our new pad.

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Just for the record, this is our 9th move (in 9 years of marriage). We've lived in 3 apartments, 1 townhouse, and 5 homes in 4 states (Arkansas will be our 5th state). I've moved 3 times while pregnant (once at 38 weeks, once at 39 weeks, and this time at 30 weeks). This is our 3rd move in 18 months. The longest we've ever lived in one house is 3.5 years. See why I'm ready to stay put?

P.S. When we started looking for houses, we decided we wanted to save up to have a certain down payment before we bought again. To help us stay motivated and to give the kids something visual to track our progress, I drew this house that we colored in as we saved for our home. At first I didn't want the kids to do any of the coloring because I knew I would be looking at this picture for awhile and wanted something a little less, uh, colorful. But when I gave in and let them take over, I think they did a better job than I did. Too bad this isn't really what our house looks like. I'm thinking rainbow siding is the next big thing.

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Lori said...

Congrats! I am happy for you, though I think it is CRAZY that the three cousins will all live in Bentonville AK
Maybe some day we can come visit. I bet we would even have a place to stay. Love you guys!

Angie said...

Beautiful house! Happy Moving Day!

Natalynn and Paul said...

Congratulations!!! Your new home is gorgeous!!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh- GORGEOUS home. Congratulations on settling! I hope to do that someday.... ;) We are on 12 moves in 12 years so I understand!

Heidi said...

Didn't realize you were moving to Bentonville! How exciting! We have some friends moving there next week and some others already out there. Do you like it? There is a small chance Greg could get a short term transfer there for work. Wouldn't that be awesome?