Friday, February 22, 2013

A post about Savannah

A few months ago Savannah was chosen to be the flag girl at her school. For that week, she helped walk the flag out to the flag pole and raise it up each morning. I was invited to come and take pictures since this was an honor given to her for exemplary behavior. (I never was told exactly what she did to deserve it, though I am convinced she must behave much better at school than she does at home based on glowing reviews from her teachers.) The flag raising ritual was short and simple, but I could tell Savannah was so proud and excited to be a part of it.

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Savannah loves school and is definitely learning something (I had my doubts about what could be accomplished with 4-year-olds). We realized the other day that before Savannah is 6, she will have 2 full years of school under her belt. Compare this to Jeff, who had an early birthday and turned 6 just one month into his first year of school. I am still conflicted every day about whether I am glad Savannah has this opportunity or distraught that I could have had 2 extra years with her and I gave them up. It's a good thing her teachers are doing such a good job with her at school, because I have essentially no time to work with her from the time she gets home from school at 4 until she goes to bed at 8. It's all I can do to manage dinner, after school activities, and bedtime in those short hours.

Savannah is becoming more capable and responsible every day. She still has an iron will and uses it to battle with me on most things, but when she finally gives in and does things on her own, she does them really well. This morning I sent her to make her bed, then came in to find it made (perfectly) and two stuffed animals sitting on it with a book opened in front of them. Contrast that to Logan's sloppily made bed with blankets thrown on top. Every time I try to modify something that Logan does to her level, she balks at it and insists on doing it the same way he does. I often forget there is an age difference at all. They share all the chores evenly and are responsible for getting themselves ready for school in the morning and for bed at night. I love my kids at each and every stage but there are definitely perks to having them grow up.


Brittani said...

you are so right about having the perks of them growing up! i can't believe how crazy i am to go back to baby stage! so excited