Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Call box

Logan has taken to reading roadsigns as we drive around town. He's often asking me what things mean. One day, he saw a sign for a call box along the highway. Recognition dawned on him, and he told me he already knew what a call box was. Surprised, I asked him what he thought it was. Here is his response.

Logan: A call box is, uh, a little box that is, has a little telephone. Some people in the coldness use a call box. It looks like a telephone on a wall in a house.

Me: Tell me what the box looks like.

Logan: It looks like a bathroom, but we don't go potty in it. It has little windshields, but the bathrooms don't go in. We don't, bathrooms don't have windows, the little potty bathrooms.

Me: Where do you see call boxes? Have you every seen one?

Logan: A real one?

Me: Yeah.

Logan: No, but I have seen them in movies. Yeah, remember the children one? Where every dog, there's lots of dogs? [Beethoven.] There's a little commercial and there's a call box.

Can you tell what he's referring to? Man, he cracks me up. It makes me wonder what other things are already so obsolete our children don't recognize them.

This one is really better listened to, if you have the time.