Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Call box

Logan has taken to reading roadsigns as we drive around town. He's often asking me what things mean. One day, he saw a sign for a call box along the highway. Recognition dawned on him, and he told me he already knew what a call box was. Surprised, I asked him what he thought it was. Here is his response.

Logan: A call box is, uh, a little box that is, has a little telephone. Some people in the coldness use a call box. It looks like a telephone on a wall in a house.

Me: Tell me what the box looks like.

Logan: It looks like a bathroom, but we don't go potty in it. It has little windshields, but the bathrooms don't go in. We don't, bathrooms don't have windows, the little potty bathrooms.

Me: Where do you see call boxes? Have you every seen one?

Logan: A real one?

Me: Yeah.

Logan: No, but I have seen them in movies. Yeah, remember the children one? Where every dog, there's lots of dogs? [Beethoven.] There's a little commercial and there's a call box.

Can you tell what he's referring to? Man, he cracks me up. It makes me wonder what other things are already so obsolete our children don't recognize them.

This one is really better listened to, if you have the time.

It's electric

I am a lazy parent. When my kids ask a question I don't want to answer, I alternate between, "I don't know," and "It's complicated." Jeff, on the other hand, gives them the encyclopedia. Example #1:

Logan: How does electric go to lightbulbs?

Jeff: See the poles that we're driving by right here? See the lines that have them connected? Those are called power poles, and they go all the way back to what's called a substation, and that's where the power company generates power. It has lots of different reactors--whether it's nuclear, or sometimes it's an oil or a coal plant--where it's generating all this electricity, and its called a substation. And then they build these lines and they send the electricity in large quantities across these lines and then these lines they go into our house and then inside of our house, inside of the walls, there's wires that go straight to the light fixture and they're attached to the bulb. The bulb has a little metal piece on the end of it, and the wire from that transformer outside of the house comes in, hits the light bulb, and heats up that tungsten filament inside of the light bulb and pop it starts to glow because it gets hot enough.

Logan: No, what I'm asking...

Jeff: Oh, c'mon! That wasn't good enough?

Logan: Well, what... I wasn't talking about those ones, I was talking about the different ones that shine outside.

Jeff: Well, for crying out loud, it's the same concept, buddy! Look, there's a light pole right there just like I'm telling you about. See how there's a light pole? The pole goes all the way up and there's a light at the top if it? That's 'cause there are wires inside of that pole and it comes from the other pole that has the wires that are carrying the power from the substation! Same concept, dude!

Logan: Oh, but... oh! So the wire poles, um, bring and sometimes lights are on the wire pole?

Jeff: Yeah, sometimes.

Logan: But how do they go on... on the ones that are on metal sticks?

Jeff: Because there's wires. Everything is connected by wires, son. Make sense?

Logan: Okay.

Jeff: Good.


In case you don't believe this is really how the conversation happened, I have the audio right here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Logan the scriptorian

**I just found this old post that I wrote but never published. Just wanted to share.

We're on a pretty good streak right now of reading a chapter of Book of Mormon Stories with the kids before bed each night. Savannah is slowly showing interest, but Logan has been captivated from day one by the stories out of the scriptures. I am impressed by his attention span and how much of the detail he picks up. Last night as we flipped through the pages, I sat in awe as he summarized chapter after chapter. I was touched by his love of the scriptures at such an early age. I honestly think he may love them more than I do. I am humbled by his excitement over the people and history. I think these are the traits that we are counseled to acquire when we are told to "become as little children."

Tonight we read the story of the Zoramites and the Rameumptom. Afterwards, Logan retold me the story in his own words:

So the people prayed and said, "God doesn't have a body," and God looked at himself and said, "Hey! I do have a body! You are wrong!"

Love him.

A princess party


Savannah and Isabelle were invited to a princess party for our dear friend, Avery. Belle came and visited during the party, and it made the day of every little girl there. It was such a cute idea and might have to steal if it I ever decide to plan enough in advance to actually throw a birthday party.

I wasn't going to bring Isabelle, but decided to stick our smallest dress on her (Tinkerbell) and let her come. She had a blast.



The face paint was a big hit. Savannah chose to have a butterfly.


Surprise! Sydney was a butterfly, too! These two do everything together. After the party they both quickly changed into their soccer gear and ran off to play a game together. Also notice the glitter in their hair. That was special fairy dust sprinkled on them while they made a wish. This Belle was no amateur.


Each princess got to take her picture with Belle. Izzy LOVED Belle. She kept going back and sitting on her lap.




Such a fun party! I am so grateful for the wonderful friends we have here.

YMCA Soccer


Having a membership at the YMCA has allowed our kids to try sports I might normally save for another year. All youth sports are included as part of our membership, so I've let them try pretty much whatever they want. Savannah chose to play soccer this fall, and was fortunate to be on a team of all her friends. Every single soccer player except one is from our ward, and this isn't even all the kids her age! There are a LOT of little kids in this area. Jeff jokingly (but also seriously) told me that I go to her practices and games more for me than for her, because I get to socialize with all my mom friends while the kids play. I don't deny it.



I think Savannah has enjoyed the soccer season. Sometimes she is biting at the bit to play, and other times she tells me that she already knows how to play soccer and doesn't need to practice any more. Overall, though, she has gotten out and played every game, and doesn't require any coaxing or bribing to get on the field. I can't get over how cute she looks in her oversized jersey and bitty shorts. Logan jokes that she has a "beaver tail" due to the rubber banded extra fabric in the back.

One of the perks of soccer is getting to spend more time with Savannah's best friend, Sydney. These two are like peas in a pod, and they are so stinking cute together.



Jeff celebrated 31 years of life in September. I, for one, am sure glad he was born and think it is something to celebrate. :) Sadly, I am not much of a party planner so my best efforts were pretty weak, but we did make him a simple cake and sing happy birthday (multiple times). As his birthday present, we went on a rare date to see Les Miserables. We ate dinner at a Cajun restaurant that sits backed up to a canal running through downtown. It was the perfect date and I think we both needed it.



Remember how back in July we found out we were going to need to find a new place to live? Well, I'm soooo relieved to say that crazy saga is finally over. The past three months have been a wild roller coaster, with our plans changing nearly daily. We scoured the rental market and thought we had found "the one" several times, only to be told we had too many kids (what?) or that the price had increased (since yesterday?). So then we had this crazy idea that buying a house would be easier. Without going in to all the boring details, we almost bought this house...


then changed our minds and almost bought this house...


then changed our minds again and decide to buy no house. Yep, I think our realtor hates us. So after two months of house hunting, two cancelled contracts, and less than 3 weeks to find a place to live, we started blindly driving around neighborhoods to try and find a rental. Which is how we stumbled across house #3, currently known as "home."


We moved in last week and I am just a few boxes away from being completely unpacked. It's a nice feeling to know where we'll be for at least the next 12 months. So far our landlord has been great and the neighbors are the friendliest we have ever had. Logan's bus picks him up across the street, which almost makes up for the fact that I drive 30 minutes round trip twice a day to Savannah's school. We were sad to leave the friends/ward/school/familiarity we had in Edmond, but feel very optimistic that this is going to be a great year. Besides, we are only a 20 minute drive from our old place, so I'm sure we keep the old friends while making new friends.