Friday, August 27, 2010


A few weeks ago my youngest brother, Curtis, returned from a 2-year mission to India. To welcome him home and spend some time with family, the kids and I drove down to California for a week. The kids battled fevers and coughs the whole week, but we managed to have lots of fun anyway. We spent a beautiful morning at the beach with cousins, soaking up the sun in perfect 70 degree weather. It was such a nice break from the hot yet rainy days we left behind in Utah.


It seemed like we had our swim suits on nearly every day. First it was the beach, then we went to a splash pad, and we finished off the week with a trip to the waterpark. Logan and his cousin, Dallin, found a slide that was just their size and spent the whole day on it. It made me excited to use the Seven Peaks passes I bought for next summer.

On Friday we met up with Jeff who flew in for the weekend. We redeemed our Disney give-a-day passes for a day at Disneyland before rejoining my family in San Diego. We almost bagged the Disneyland idea when Logan woke up with pink eye the day before, but he claimed he was well enough to go so off we went. We only spend about 5 hours at the park--by far the shortest trip I have ever made to Disneyland--but it was perfect. I didn't feel too badly about it since the only ticket we paid for was Logan's. Logan was tall enough to go on every ride in the park except for Indiana Jones. His favorite ride of the day was Buzz Lightyear, but he was pretty upset that I wouldn't wait in line to meet Buzz himself. I did, however, wait for 30 minutes with Savannah to meet Tinkerbell and Terence while Jeff and Logan rode the Matterhorn. Nothing I could do would get Savannah to pose next to them, though.


You can't tell in the picture on the left, but Savannah is actually driving the car. I guess there's a reason you have to be tall enough to see over the steering wheel!



We ended the week by attending Curtis' homecoming address, then loaded up the car and began the long drive home. Despite being sick and tired most of the week, it was worth it to be with family.



Brittani said...

what a good looking family! congrats on the successful mission return. haha. I can only imagine how amazing/hard it was in India

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

Your family pic turned out so good!!

Cristi said...

love the set up on that family picture. It looks great!

Julie said...

Such a great family picture! Love it!

Angie said...

Great pictures! You guys are troopers with being sick on both your trips.