Friday, February 26, 2010

In which I contemplate another exercise routine

This morning I did my first P90X workout. A friend loaned me a couple of workouts to try before I decide whether I want to buy it or not. I started with the cardio workout because whatever my strengths may be, "Ab Ripper" is not one of them. Sheesh, this was not like any other cardio video I have ever tried. Since when are leg lifts part of cardio? Needless to say, it kicked my butt. I'm glad the only witness to my pansy-ness was Logan, who sat on my bed and offered supportive coaching through it all ("Front kick, ball kick, front kick, ball kick!").

Will I buy it? That is yet to be decided. However, we are heading to Cancun in T minus 92 days and I anticipate wearing a swimsuit approximately 82% of the time I'm there, so a ripped body in 90 days would be nice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random thoughts

The summer after Jeff and I were married, we spent four months in Virginia. We only had one car, and Jeff needed it during the day to do his job. I was stranded in our bare-bones apartment with no kids and not much to do. One day blurred into the next and I had little motivation to do anything. That summer taught me to appreciate being busy.

Fast forward to today. I am working less than I ever have (and will not be working at all in 9 weeks!) and am starting to experience FREE TIME again for the first time in what seems like years. My days should be packed with all the things I always wanted to do but never had enough time for, right?

WRONG. Now that I have entire days with nothing planned, it seems like nothing is all I ever do. Even as I sit to write this blog post, I cannot recall anything worth blogging about.

Think. Think. Think.

We did go to the zoo this morning. It was the last free day of the season. It snowed the whole time we were there. I wanted to laugh at the sight of us, all bundled up in snow jackets, hats and mittens... to go to the ZOO. It all just didn't seem to go together. The kids were in heaven, though, and the tigers were more active then I've ever seen them, so it was totally worth the hour drive even if we were only there for 45 minutes.

These pictures aren't from the zoo. I didn't dare bring my camera out in snow like that. These are from this past weekend, when Logan begged us to let him ride his "motorcycle." Sometimes in my self-indulgent moments I forget that winter is just as hard on the kids as it is on the adults. They were so happy to be outside, it was almost pathetic how long I've kept them cooped up.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrate good times

This weekend we made a quick trip up to northern Wyoming. "What's in Wyoming?" you may ask. That's a very good question. Well, there's lots of this:


But there is also this:


Our oldest nephew, Taylor, was baptized this weekend. We spent all day Friday driving to arrive just in time for his baptism Friday night. It was a special evening and we were so glad we could be there. As the only male cousin older than Logan on either side of our families, I know Taylor's example will become more and more influential as our children grow older. I'm so glad that Taylor is such a good boy, and I couldn't ask for a better role model for my kids.


The rest of our time in Wyoming was spent swimming, playing, eating, and celebrating. In the two days we were there, we had a baptism, three birthdays, and Valentine's Day to celebrate. We tried to have an evening out with just the adults, but between Logan throwing the tantrum of the century and Savannah running a fever, we had to send the babysitters home and spend the night in instead. Drat those children! (I love them, but honestly!) We ended up eating take out and playing games which was tons of fun, but I still feel terrible that we prevented the whole family from their only chance of going out for Valentines'. I'm already plotting a way to get even with my kids, but I have a feeling it isn't necessary. They will have their share of it one day when they have kids of their own. (Insert evil laugh here.)


On the way home, we took a small detour and visited Martin's Cove. A few years back I read Gerald Lund's interpretation of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies' experiences, and it really hit home to see the place they passed through, freezing and starving, on their way to the Salt Lake Valley. It was the perfect stop considering we drove straight through Sunday. The spirit was strong there and I look forward to visiting again in warmer weather.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go

We've been in vacation planning mode lately. It's that time of the year when cabin fever kicks in and I begin dreaming of all the places I'd like to go and the things I'd like to do. It occurred to me today that I should start a list so that the next time we want to go somewhere, I don't have to feel overwhelmed by all the thousands of places there are to go in the world.

  • A church history road trip. I can't decide if we should do this one now, or wait until our kids are older so they can appreciate it. Maybe both.
  • New York City. I would never want to live there, but I could visit every year and never get sick of it.
  • Hawaii. I went once in high school and again a few years later with my family, but I would love to go back with Jeff and the kids.
  • National parks. I'm not picky. Any park will do, as long as there are tall trees, wild animals, and a nice plush cabin for me to spend the night in. :-)
  • The Grand Canyon.
  • Moab. I'm hoping to squeeze this one in this summer.
  • Alaska (in the summer).
  • France. I know it doesn't have the greatest reputation, but I have always wanted to go to the Louvre and I have always wanted to tour the French countryside.
  • A houseboat. Never done it, always wanted to.
  • Puerto Rico. I've heard too much about it not to visit eventually.
  • A 48 state road trip. We will probably have to retire before this is feasible.
  • Cedar Point. I get giddy around roller coasters. I hope I can make it here before I get too old to enjoy the ride.
That's all I can think of for now. At our current rate of 1 vacation every 4 years, we should have seen them all by the time I'm 62. I'm sure by then I'll have thought of some other places I'd like to see.

So where would you like to go? Or where have you gone that you've loved?

Monday, February 8, 2010

My new gig

I read this quote today on someone's blog:

Junior Primary is the best. But not when you're the chorister.

(I had that gig, once. After church is over, you need a Snickers bar, a Unisom, and a nap. After that, you'll be mostly recovered, but your left eye might still twitch until Wednesday afternoon.)

Guess what my new calling is? I suppose I'd better stock up on Snickers bars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Confessions of a reprimand-oholic

I have a temper problem. I used to think I was a patient person. Not so. It took having a toddler for me to realize this.

Today was one of those endless battles with Logan. First I had to physically take his pajamas off and put his clothes on, despite the fact that he is perfectly capable of dressing himself and has been for months. Then there was the fist fight he and I had about whether it was time to leave his friend's house. I had to pick him up and carry him--kicking and screaming--to the car. At the library he intentionally dropped his letter from story time over the balcony so he would have an excuse to go back downstairs, even though I had told him several times I was ready to go. He ran away from me at the store (can't tell you how many times he's gotten in trouble for THAT). Luckily this time it was a small store. I never blogged about the time I lost him for 5 minutes in Target. It makes me shudder just to think about it. We fought about what he was going to eat for dinner, whether it was time for him to get out of the shower, which radio station to listen to, and which pajamas he was going to wear to bed. I honestly did not know a three-year-old could have so many opinions. I am emotionally exhausted after spending a day with him. And despite my resolve to use other methods of discipline than spanking, I will say his bum was swatted a few times today.

But, as always, he wins me over in the end. How could he not? I loved that boy before I ever laid eyes on him. His chubby little hands and velcro shoes would have me wrapped around his finger even if his puppy dog eyes and big brother instincts didn't. He will always win.

But please don't tell him that.




Monday, February 1, 2010

An update

I've composed the post about 5 times now explaining how I quit my job. I would publish it, but there's just one small problem...

I haven't quit yet.

It's not for lack of trying, and it certainly isn't because the fates are against me. If anything, they've been supporting my cause from the beginning. But it looks as though I will be semi-employed for at least another month. Maybe two. Possibly three. But definitely not more than three.

I'm still debating how I feel about it. Just ask Jeff. He never knows how to play the role of supportive husband. Not because he isn't supportive, but because I rewrite the script on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. "Should I quit my job?" I ask him.

"Yes... I mean, no... I mean, what's my line today?"

Three weeks ago the answer was, "YES!" Now it's still, "yes," but in lowercase letters and with some fine print attached to it stating:

*but only after you have begun a new project and seen it well enough underway that you don't feel crushing guilt every time you think of the bind you've put your manager and co-workers in by leaving.

I head back today. Wish me luck.

On a totally unrelated note, my kids are infatuated with their baby cousin. I'm not sure the feelings are reciprocated. Nevertheless, we love the days that Avery comes to play.