Friday, January 22, 2010

What to do when you can't work because your contract wasn't properly renewed and your son is at preschool so it's just you and the munchkin

Try to imitate this cool hairstyle. Yeah, I know it's probably the simplest and most novice hairstyle in the book, but my choices are limited between what I have to work with, how long I can get Savannah to sit still, and my meager skill set. Too bad it won't last through nap time.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

True story

Signs that you may need to find a new child care provider:

1. Your current child care provider has six children of her own.... all at home.
2. When you asked her for references, she said she didn't have any.
3. Her kitchen has food everywhere--on the table, on the floor, on the walls.
4. She schedules her children's dentists appointments during the time that she is supposed to be watching your children.
5. While looking up her phone number, you stumble across her KSL ad trying to sell her child care business (which she started a week ago).
6. Within said ad are posted the ages and genders of the children that are currently in her care, including yours.
7. When you pick up your children, you find your daughter drinking a sippy cup full of warm milk.
8. The same daughter is also leaking out of her diaper, which you discover is both wet AND dirty and probably hasn't been changed all day.
9. When you mention her ad, she says, "Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that. I was going to let you know I could watch your kids through the end of the week."
10. All of this happens on the very first day your kids are at her house.

Needless to say, my children will not be returning. I begged my old babysitter to please take my children back, and she agreed. I bribed her with some pictures of her cute baby. (Ok, I didn't actually bribe. But I think they helped.) On the flip side, this experience finally gave me the courage to give my notice at work. With any luck, I won't be needing babysitters much longer!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saying goodbye to a decade

We celebrated New Year's Eve this year with family, as usual. I really wouldn't have it any other way. Staying up late, eating yummy snack foods, playing game after game... all things we do best with family. Jeff's sister and her family were in town, so we had the entire Pendleton clan under one roof.



Don't babies make the best faces ever?


There was a pinata for the kids, which quickly became decapitated. To make the fun last longer, we had the kids whack the headless body off an ottoman. Kind of a party version of t-ball.


We had an "early midnight" for the kids, then sent them downstairs to fall asleep to a movie. They loved toasting their orange soda and blowing noisemakers; our adult version was not nearly as energetic.


I love New Years, even if it means the end of the holidays. If only Savannah had slept like a good girl and not kept the entire house up long after the celebrations had ended... then it truly would have been perfect. :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch out


As we drove home from the gym last night, Logan asked me where Daddy was.

"He's in his car."
"Where? I can't see him."
"Well, he's a little ways ahead of us. I'll drive fast so we can catch up."
"Ok. Mommy?"
"Yes, Logan?"
"You need to shoot all the other cars out of the way so we can see Daddy, ok?"
"Um... ok."

Just a warning to those who may be ahead of me on the road.

My friend, January

It seems that every other blog post I have read recently contains the phrase, "I hate January." There are variations--"January is my least favorite month of the year," "January sucks," "Will someone please knock me out and wake me up when January is over"--but they all contain the same message. While I have days where I agree, I also feel like I need to defend January a little bit.

January and I have always had a special relationship. We go way back... back before I lived in a colder climate, back before I became afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression, back before I had any concept of time and months. January and I go back 26 years ago, to an old Catholic hospital, where I was born - the second baby of the new year. Since then, January and I have been buddies... I bought jewelry with her birthstone and she brought me a party every year. We looked forward to each other, and I hold many special memories of Januaries past. I was baptized and confirmed in January, my first formal dance was in January, my first date was in January, and I got my driver's license in January, to name just a few.

But now, I see January's good name being slandered on blog after blog. And I don't blame them; poor January got stuck with many unlucky characteristics. She represents the heart of winter, the end of the holidays, the coldest temperatures, and the monotony of all work and no play. But there are good things about January, too, and that's what I want to focus on today.

10 things I like about January:
1. My birthday
2. The start of a fresh, new year
3. The days start getting longer
4. By the end of January, we are closer to the end of winter than the beginning
5. I don't have to file my taxes yet
6. I have lots of fun Christmas gifts and birthday gifts to enjoy
7. Life settles back into a normal routine after the holiday madness
8. Back to school (at least, I think I'll like this when my kids are in school)
9. I get a free dinner at Tucanos
10. Ok, so 10 was a little ambitious... but I thought of 9! Surely a month with nine good things about it can't be the WORST month of the year, right?

Feel as you must, and if you hate January, I will understand. But as a loyal friend, I felt it my duty to post something good about this first month of the year.

Now February... that's a different story. :-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Setting the bar

I've never been one to make (or keep) resolutions, but this year Jeff and I vowed to set some realistic goals for ourselves and our family. I'm getting pretty good at goal-setting since I have to set a bazillion of them at work every quarter. I'm also pretty good at nearly accomplishing them. Does nearly count?

Family 2010 Goals

  1. Have family home evening every week. Not necessarily on Monday.
  2. Save for (but probably not buy... yet) Carly’s new van.
  3. Go on non-family-visiting family vacation to Moab for a week. Still not really sure what that means.
Carly's 2010 Goals
  1. Read Ensign/Scriptures 6 days a week. Don't judge me for allowing one miss per week. It's all about baby steps.
  2. Run in a 10k.
  3. Quit job to stay home with kids and explore photo biz.
  4. Remember family birthdays.

Jeff’s 2010 Goals

  1. Lose 4 inches by May 1st and look good doing it.
  2. Read two books: 1. A Time to Kill, 2. Carly’s choice but not a gay one. (His words, not mine.)
  3. Read/Listen to Book of Mormon by June 1st.
  4. Compete in Triathlon with Carly. (Notice his word choice... "compete," not "beat.")
Wish us luck!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: In review

Ten years ago today I got my driver's license. (Well, actually it was ten years ago tomorrow, but only because the DMV is closed on New Years.) I was in my Sophomore year of high school, played on the school field hockey team, and was a novice yearbook-er. As of today I have graduated from college (twice), married an amazing man, have two beautiful children, and have been working for nearly three years. I probably wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me I would have all that when I turned 16 a decade ago.

But I don't really want to write a whole post about 10 years. Instead I will focus on the most recent year (which is really as far back as I can remember, anyway). Here is what we did in 2009.

We attended the Draper Temple open house, where Logan learned the temple means cookies and buses.

My mom came to visit, resulting in a traditional painting party. This time the living room was selected as the lucky canvas.

I took the big leap and shot my first wedding. It was terrifying and exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.

We remodeled our bathroom. Worth every penny.

My family came to visit during spring break (here and here and here and here). No wall painting this time, though we did finish the first half of my cupboard re-facing project.

I mentored with photographer Sara Boulter, and learned so much about starting a photography business. Also learned that Sara has a strange sense of humor. :-)

Completed my first triathlon. I came in pretty near the end, but hope to try again in 2010 to beat my time.

Logan turned 3. The first six months could definitely be deemed "the horrible threes," but as we are on the downhill towards four, he is actually becoming easier by the day. Maybe that is just because little sister is getting older...?

Jeff played on a community softball team. They have a decent season, which inspired him to play on two more softball teams in the fall.

We sold our car and bought a minivan. Life as we knew it was never the same again.

Jeff and I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a cruise. Upon our return, I overposted about it and left absolutely no one with any desire to read about it. Hence I will not include any links here.

Savannah celebrated her first birthday. I can hardly believe my baby girl is growing up so fast.

I started my photography website, carlypendleton.com. The emotional drain, time commitment, and love of the art required by a photography business made me feel as though I had birthed another child.

I finished re-facing my cupboards. Little by little, my house is coming together.

Jeff quit his job and started working for Gexpro. We took an impromptu trip to California to celebrate.

My kids were transformed into a ladybug and cowboy for All Hallows Eve. I genuinely enjoyed Halloween for the first time in years.

My entire family (15 people total) stayed with us for a week during Christmas. I learned the true capacity of our house, and the true meaning of Christmas.

It was a good year for blogging. It was a good year for living. I can't wait to see what 2010 brings.

Happy New Year!