Thursday, February 12, 2009

Precious Moments

Whenever I hear laughter coming from the other room, I always grab my camera before going to see what's going on. Often my presence interrupts the fun, but sometimes I can capture a few of these precious moments on film (or memory card) before it ends. Today was one of those days as I found Logan trying to help Savannah roll over (which was funny because she has been rolling for months and definitely does not need any help). They were both giggling like crazy.



Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with crazy, static-y, super fine, baby hair?

A few minutes later I caught Logan playing with his train set. This has become his favorite toy lately. Every day he pulls it out and builds a different route across the kitchen floor. I am amazed by his creativity; when I build a track, it always looks the same. His are always unique and he finds uses for track pieces that I could never have thought of.



Byron Mackay said...

I like the progression of the second group of photos. The looks on their faces quickly go from giggles to surprised and unsure looks when they see they've been "caught". Cute kids.

Misty said...

Hello! I am from San Antonio, TX. I came to your site through! Your pictures are super cute of your children! I especially like the "Y" t-shirt!
Have a great day!