Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 27-year-old Hunk

The other day I counted all the months of the year where the 24th is an occasion to celebrate.

There's December 24 - probably my favorite night of the entire year. Then there's July 24, also a fun holiday. March 24 is my brother's birthday. Recently we added June 24, the day Savannah was born.

And TODAY, September 24, is Jeff's birthday!

I can't tell you about all the fun things we're going to do because Jeff doesn't know about them yet, but here's a few pictures to have some fun with.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Blog Book

For years I tried to keep a journal. Sometimes I would go several months with regular entries, but then months and years would pass when I would fail to write anything at all. When Logan was born, I tried to include journal entries in his scrapbook so I wouldn't forget all his cute idiosyncrasies and innocent developments. But, alas! This, also, was too much for me to keep at regularly. I knew it was important to document our family's comings and goings somehow, but I struggled to find the right medium that would allow me to be consistent and timely in my efforts.

Without trying to be sacrilegious, blogging was an answer to my prayers. When I began blogging, I thought I would try it for a bit but then forget about it for months at a time. What I least expected was how addicting and therapeutic it would become. This past July marks a year since I started my blog. In that time, I've made over 100 posts on my blog. That may not be much compared to some, but it's way better than any journal I've ever kept! The only problem with my blog is that it exists in cyberspace. I wanted a hard copy-- something that I could pass on to posterity. So....

{fanfare music}


I found a nifty company called Blurb that will suck up your blog, let you edit it, then print, bind, and mail you your very own book! Now I have something tangible to show for all my hours spent on blogspot. For a first attempt, it's not bad, but I will definitely work on the layout and presentation a little more next time. Here are some of my favorite spreads.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My baby boy?

Savannah and I ran to the store tonight for a quick shopping trip. She was dressed in a blue flowered top and brown pants (also with flowers on them). I had failed to include a headband with this outfit. Big mistake.

As I swipe my credit card, the checker asks, "How cute! How old is he?"

I hate it when people mistake babies for the wrong gender. Oh well, she'll probably figure it out on her own when she notices the flowers. Or the pink burp cloth.

"Almost three months."
Checker: "Fun! I have a niece that's two months. Is he your first?"

Oh no. She's still asking about "him." Do I correct her? No, she'll drop the subject after this.

Me: No, second.

Please, please drop the subject. I'm too embarrassed now to tell you "he's" a girl. Maybe I can very discreetly slip the pink burp cloth into my bag.

Checker: Oh yeah? Is your first a boy or a girl?
Me: Anoth- a boy.

Oh heavens. I almost said "another boy." Now she's got me all confused.

Checker: That's great! So you can use hand-me-downs!

Are you kidding me? You still haven't noticed the flowers? She doesn't even look like a boy! Her features are so distinctly feminine, and her hair... well, I'll admit her hair is kind of boyish...

That's it. I will never leave the house again without either putting something pink on Savannah or a bow in her hair. Maybe I should buy a new carseat. One with pink and purple flowers all over it. Why isn't she done ringing me up yet? Any minute she's going to notice the pink burp cloth! Oh no, she's eyeing the flowers on Savannah's pants! Quick! Block her view! Why am I so distraught? I'm not the one who thought a baby girl was a BOY!

Me: Huh...


Last week we went on a family outing to the BYU vs. UCLA football game. It was supposed to be one of our toughest games all year, but you wouldn't have known it looking at the scoreboard!

Logan has been practicing the Cougar fight song for weeks now. He is such a funny boy. After we came home from the game, he found a flag in the garage and ran around the yard with it yelling, "Go Cougars!" I think he was imitating the cheerleaders that run around the field with big BYU flags after each touchdown.

Savannah was excited to be there as well.

If Jeff gets his way, this is what Logan will look like in 18 years. Except he won't be standing on the sideline.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Logan's rendition of the Cougar Fight Song.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Jeff had a favorite sleeper of Logan's he called his clown suit. It's one of the lesser boyish outfits he had so I dug it up to see if Savannah still fit in it. I've been insisting all along that Savannah has her own look, but...

Well, can you tell which is which?

Savannah, 12 weeks (top). Logan, 7 weeks (bottom).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All in White

I finally got around to taking some photos of Savannah in her blessing dress. She fits better in it now then she did at the time of her blessing, so maybe it was fate that I have procrastinated so long. It is difficult to capture the intricacies of the dress on camera, but hopefully you can see at least some of the amazing detail. The bodice is smocked--my mom's signature sewing style--and has embroidered ribbon roses. There are also tiny pearls around the smocked area, but they are nearly impossible to see in the picture. About 8 inches from the bottom hem is a lacy thing (some french word that I can't remember.... entraduo? antredoe?). All in all, it was a beautiful dress made by a beautiful grandma for a beautiful girl.

Also, the blanket in the background was crocheted by my grandmother and is the blanket I was blessed in.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton!

No, I am not congratulating ourselves. Jeff's brother, James, got hitched this weekend! It has been wild and crazy couple of days, beginning with the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night... in our backyard. We knew when we moved here that our backyard was perfect for large gatherings, we just didn't know it would happen so soon! Jeff's sister and I were in charge of decorating, and I have to say it turned out great. Everything was bright and fun and just perfect.

We decided against fresh floral centerpieces because the atmosphere we were going for was casual and relaxed. So I got a little creative and made balloon flowers instead. After making over 70 balloon daisies, I feel pretty good about my new found talent. I suppose if we ever get tight, I can twist balloons on the side. Just don't ask for anything but flowers.

On Saturday, we headed up for the sealing. Jeff's grandpa sealed the happy couple. We were the first couple Grandpa sealed in the family, and he's sealed at least 1 or 2 grandchildren every summer since. At the reception that night, there was a short ring ceremony for those who couldn't be in the temple. Logan was the ring-bearer.

Logan loved being able to spend the day with his cousins. They were so cute in their matching dresses and suits, I could almost forget how mischievous they are sometimes!

Savannah was pretty precious, too, even if she did poop, spit-up, and drool on her dress before we could get any pictures.

I tried to get Logan to kiss the bride on the cheek, but he wouldn't because he said he had boogers in his nose. Oh well, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. And this is the best I got. Katy looks pretty, though, don't you agree?

By the way, my mother-in-law made that wedding dress. As in, sewed it with her own two hands. Is she amazing or what?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For Grandma

Why I haven't posted any recent pictures of Savannah:

1. Most days, she is in her sleeper until at least 2 in the afternoon. Sleepers do not make for good photo shoots.

2. Once she is dressed, she typically has a blowout, causing me to change her again. If it is after 4 pm, I put her in a sleeper for the night. Sleepers do not make for good photo shoots.

3. During that brief period from 2-4 pm when she is dressed and hasn't had a blowout yet, I am frantically trying to run errands, clean, finish work, and keep Logan from destroying the house.

4. If I do happen to have a minute to try to take pictures, this is the result I get:

That said, my mom reminded me that (a) she doesn't get to see Savannah very often and this is the only place she can keep tabs on her and (b) babies change so quickly that you can't slack on documenting their lives or you miss it. So I made a conscious effort today to take some pictures of Savannah (not in her sleeper). Here are the results. Hope you enjoy them, Mom!

This is what her face usually looks like:

Here are the stats from her 2-month checkup:

Weight: 11 lb 6 oz (61%)
Length: 23.1 in (74%)
Head: 15.25 in (46%)

It's a nice change from Logan who weighed 13 lb 4 oz at his 2 month checkup!

Logan at 2 months: