Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still Bleeding Blue

When Logan was four months old, we took him to his first BYU football game. His first three letters were not ABC, but BYU. Though Chuck E Cheese scares him to death, Cosmo the Cougar is his best bud. At 18 months Logan could sing parts of BYU's fight song. And every time we drive by Y mountain, Logan excitedly points and yells, "BYU Cougars!"

So when Jeff asked Logan if he'd like to go to a BYU football game, you can imagine his response.

The entire day leading up to the football game, Logan asked me to sing the "Cougar song" for him over and over again. (He also asked me to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Sometimes he gets sports mixed up.) He proudly wore his blue shirt in anticipation of the event. I had no doubts as I watched the boys leave that Logan was going to have a blast.

Boy was that an understatement. Logan walked in the door from the game and proceeded to give me the play by play summary (at least as he understood it) complete with actions. He was kicking and running and catching and falling on the ground (I think that was his version of a tackle). The players' equipment must have also had an impact on him because he disappeared for a minute and came back wearing this:

Now he won't go anywhere without his helmet. I don't have the heart to tell him his bike helmet is not the same as a football helmet. It's close enough for him.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My So-Called Life

"You know Carly must be busy when it's been a week and a half since she posted on her blog."

-My sister-in-law

It's true. I have been busy. Between an approaching deadline at work, an upcoming wedding in my immediate family, and still learning to juggle two kids, I've hardly had a chance to breathe. Or blog. But my blog is more than just a hobby; it's my journal, my release, my communication to the world. It's positively therapeutic to sit down and write a post or two. So excuse my ramblings as I share some experiences from the past week and a half while I've been in blog exile.

Experience #1:

Yesterday we were some shopping for a few wedding essentials. It was late, but I dragged my family with me because I didn't know when else we'd be able to go. Logan was sitting drowsily on Jeff's shoulders as I tried to speed shop through as many stores in the mall as possible before closing.

Logan: Daddy, whatcha doin'?
Daddy: [wearily] We're shopping, buddy.
Logan: [resigned] Oh.

[2 minutes later]
Logan: Daddy, whatcha doin'?
Daddy: Still shopping, buddy.
Logan: We're shopping?
Daddy: [yawn] Yup.

Logan: Daddy, Nannah sleep?
Daddy: Yes, Savannah's trying to sleep.

At this point I turn around to look at the three of them: Logan struggling to stay on Jeff's shoulders, Jeff struggling to stay standing, and Savannah fighting sleep as hard as she can from the stroller. As if on cue, the mall lights start to turn off indicating closing time. I almost laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. What must people think as they saw us, a crazed young mom pushing her poor husband and kids to their limits just to get a few more minutes of shopping in? Suddenly it just didn't seem to matter.

So we went home.

(Which had nothing to do with the fact that there were no more stores open.)

Experience #2:

The other night both kids were asleep. Jeff was reading (what? Jeff reading?!) Glenn Beck's An Inconvenient Book while I worked on wedding decorations. Jeff starts laughing aloud--as he often does while reading Glenn Beck--and says, "Listen to this." He then proceeds to dictate a paragraph from the book:

We need to stop giving out 14th-place trophies. For whatever reason, we've adopted the idea that the best thing we can do for our kids is to remove all conflict and struggle from their lives. We're so concerned with people's feelings that we shield them from the truth. When you finish 14th, you don't deserve a trophy.

I, calmly and rationally, reply, "I don't agree with that. When my five-year-old's soccer team finishes dead last in the season, I hope he still gets a trophy. We don't need to beat them up over not being the best."

Jeff: But don't you see what you're teaching? It doesn't matter if you're lazy and don't try. You'll get rewarded exactly the same as everybody else.

Carly: First of all, they might try as hard as anyone, but if they just aren't athletically gifted, they'll still finish last every time. And even if they are lazy, I'd like to see you be the soccer coach that doesn't give a kid a trophy.

Jeff: I wouldn't! Okay, I probably would. But I wouldn't like it. It just feels wrong to let kids fail and then give them a reward. You don't see Olympians getting medals for 14th place.

Carly: I can understand when they are older and more competitive. And I agree with teaching kids they aren't going to get something for nothing. But c'mon! The only time you get a trophy for 14th place is when they are little and will be devastated if they don't get a trophy!

This went on for 20 minutes or so. We went from peacefully discussing our differences to loudly arguing what (truthfully) was more or less the same point. I was getting really fired up and Jeff was on the verge of jumping up on the couch and using it as it soap box. Finally, Jeff used the words I have said so many times in our years of marriage but NEVER heard come out of his mouth:

"I don't want to argue about this anymore."

What?! Jeff, who thinks healthy debate is essential for character growth, who plays the devil's advocate just to start a discussion, who is able to get the most apathetic of us riled up, doesn't want to argue anymore? Who is this man and what have you done with my husband?

Then I realized what this meant. This is a historic moment, one that will most likely never occur again in my lifetime.

I have to blog about this.

So I have.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Deserve a Gold Medal

The Date: Tuesday, August 19
The Event: Marathon Mom

Trying to beat the current world record of performing 2 weeks worth of errands, work, and chores in a single 24-hour period, Carly Pendleton, a novice mom from the U.S., competed in the Marathon Mom yesterday. The Marathon Mom has long been acclaimed as the most challenging of all Olympic events, only to be undertaken by the slightly insane.

Carly's routine yesterday was packed with stunts never before attempted, such as leaving a 2-year-old with his Dad at work for 5 hours and meeting up with her missionary brother (which does not break mission rules!) while he had a cyst removed from his wrist. She even left while he was in surgery to buy him and his companion Betos burritos to help them survive the MTC cafeteria diet. This alone could have secured her the bronze, but Carly had her sight set on the gold. So she also worked several hours in the morning to keep the boss happy and made cards for card group that evening, placing the finishing touches on them in the nick of time. She would never been able to do all this without the help of her supportive husband, Jeff, who tackled two children, a sink full of dishes, and the bedtime routine so Carly could make it to card group on time. Carly arrived home just in time to watch Shawn Johnson win the gold on the balance beam before crashing into bed.

Carly undoubtedly deserved a gold for her performance, but because of unprecedented competition, the gold was shared equally by all moms who participated in the event.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pretty Things

Now that I am an 80% work-from-home mom, I've been trying to get out and "create memories" with my kids during the day. Last week we took advantage of $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point and visited the gardens with some friends. I'd never been to the gardens before, but this definitely won't be the last trip. They were amazing!

Logan was a bit of a stinker while we were there so I was having trouble getting him to pose for me, but he brightened up when we stopped to play in a water fountain.

I told Jeff we need to go back as a family to get inspiration for our backyard. Of course, it would all be on a much smaller scale...

On a totally unrelated note, I finished a small project for Savannah's room today. I framed some of the photos from Savannah's newborn photo shoot, but rather than paying for pricey mats to match her room, I covered inexpensive mats in paper. It turned out so cute I couldn't resist posting it. I am trying to completely finish both kids rooms before dedicating an entire post to them, but here's a preview. (You have to click on the pictures and view them full size to get the full effect. And I promise the picture on the right is straight... it's just an illusion created by the camera.)

My mom helped me make crib bedding for Savannah. I love the way it turned out. Now if I could just get the quilt finished...

Note the striped dust ruffle. Have I mentioned I love having a girl?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coming and Going

My brother, Curtis, has been in the MTC for 10 days now, and I'm just getting around to posting about it. It was a bittersweet experience, but we've already received one letter from him and he's staying too busy to be homesick. His estimated depature date is August 18 at which time he will be going to India! My dad couldn't get away to come drop him off, so my brother, Byron, and I came for moral support. Though my brothers are fairly average Joes in the height department, I feel pretty short in family photos these days.

Later that week, we had another family event: Savannah's blessing. My mom spent all week making her a beautiful smocked blessing gown. I didn't get any close ups of the details, so a photo shoot is due as soon as Savannah's baby acne clears up. For now, you'll just have to go off my word that it is absolutely exquisite.

Here are those that came to support us:

Great-Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton.

Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton.

Aunts Amy and Ashley.

The Pendleton cousins.

The family.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Logan's New Car

My mom came to town this week to drop my brother off at the MTC and for Savannah's blessing. Logan loves it when Grandma comes because he gets lots of attention... and usually a new toy. This time Grandma bought him a remote controlled Lightning McQueen car. Logan loves it -- I have mixed emotions about it. I'll admit it made for some entertaining times as Logan tried to get it to drive around the deck but always seemed to end up chasing himself. However, later that night as he drove the car in circles on the kitchen floor, making loud, obnoxious noises and getting underfoot, I wasn't such a fan. This may have to be an outside only toy. :-)