Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Savannah Smiles

After a few weeks of gassy grins, we finally got a real smile! There's nothing so rewarding in parenting as having a child tell you they love you, whether it be in words or actions or a simple smile.

Happy Everything!

This past week has been a whirlwind of family fun. Jeff's sister, Amy, came to town with her three kids. They are Logan's only cousins on Jeff's side so we are always excited to see them. On Wednesday, Jeff took Logan and joined up with his family at the rodeo. I didn't send the camera so we don't have any pictures, but Logan hasn't stopped talking about cowboys and horses and bulls and "Yee-haw!" since.

Thursday we went down early to Spanish Fork for the Fiesta Days parade. Jeff hates parades, but puts up with them for my sake. After the parade we headed over to the mini carnival to let the kids go on some rides. It is amazing how much fun something becomes when you re-live it through a child. Watching Logan's face on the rides was absolutely priceless!

On Friday we got together to celebrate Jeff's grandpa's 80 birthday. It was quite an occasion to reflect on Grandpa's life and his posterity. Here is our family with Grandpa. Unfortunately, Grandma could not be there because she was recovering from a heart attack earlier that week.

Grandpa with his five daughters. "...When a man gets old he had better have daughters about him." - President Gordon B. Hinckley

The great-grandchildren all learned a song to sing to Grandpa, or Pa-pa, as Logan calls him.

At the end of the party, everyone held a helium balloon in honor of Grandpa, then all them go at the same time. It was very touching and symbolic to see so many balloons floating away. Isn't it amazing to think of what can come from one man?

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Friday, July 25, 2008


I forgot to mention a funny Logan moment in an earlier post. Remember how I was on a quest to find a formal dress? Well, at one point I was in a dressing room trying on several dresses while Logan and Savy sat in the stroller. Each time I would squeeze into yet another dress, Logan would say, "Tight, Mommy. Tight."

Thanks, buddy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

A few weeks ago I took my family to a photographer many of my friends have used. I haven't yet gotten all the pictures back, but here are some previews that I couldn't resist posting.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Promising Forever

July 16 marked 4 years for Jeff and I. Seeing as we have an offspring that still needs to be fed every few hours, we couldn't get away for very long to celebrate. Nonetheless, Jeff was determined to make the evening memorable.

It began the weekend before when Jeff told me I needed to buy a new dress - a formal dress. This is a classic example of male ignorance when it comes to clothes. The women reading my blog don't need further explanation, but let me elaborate in case an innocent husband happens upon this post:

Fact #1: Next to swimsuits, dresses (especially formal dresses) are the hardest clothing item to find that are modest, fit well, and are flattering. They are all either too short, too sheer, too low cut, too tight through the top, too tight through the bottom, too tight all over... you get the idea. It would take a miracle to find a dress that satisfied all these requirements in less than a week.

Fact #2: It takes some time (well, a LONG time for me) to get back to your pre-pregnancy size after having a baby. If I bought a dress during this recovery period, it would be too big (hopefully!) after I got back to my normal size.

Fact #3: Trying on clothing when you are not satisfied with your body is a depressing and frustrating experience. It does not generate feelings of love and romance, both of which are necessary for a memorable anniversary.

So yes, I did find a dress, but it was way too much to justify spending since I would hardly ever wear it and I would have to buy it a size bigger than normal to cover my baby flab. I told Jeff he would just have to settle for one of my less-than-formal dresses in my closet.

Poor Jeff. He wanted so much to make it the perfect evening but I, along with all the elements, was not cooperating. First there was the dress. Then there was the power going out minutes before I started getting ready for the night. Anyone ever tried to do an up-do without any power? In the middle of my power-less pamperings, Savannah woke up and needed to be fed. I started to feed her when she had a blowout diaper. I had just finished cleaning her up when she started to pee... all over her hair. (I thought only boys did that!?) So I handed her off to Jeff while I went to go pump a bottle - but then I remember the power was out and my pump is electric. Need I go on?

By the time we finally made it out the door, we were 10 minutes late for our dinner reservations at Chef's Table, probably the most formal restaurant in Provo, if not in all of Utah County. Luckily, they held our table and we were able to spend the next hour being waited on like kings and queens. I thought the food was delicious, though Jeff felt it didn't live up to his beloved Ruth's Chris. After dinner, we bypassed the plan to go dancing (my feet already hurt, it was getting late, neither of us know any ballroom, and we didn't feel like driving all the way up to Murray) and instead headed over to the mall to do some jewelry shopping. Other than my engagement ring, we've never had a reason to buy nice jewelry but our anniversary seemed like an appropriate occasion for something meaningful. We contemplated the 3 karat diamond earrings (right!) but eventually settled on a pretty Austrian crystal necklace. I love it and now I have something to remember our 4th anniversary by, since I didn't bring a camera.

So thank you, Jeff, for a beautiful evening out on the town. We don't get very much alone time anymore so it was a much needed opportunity for me to fall in love with my husband all over again.

Say exactly how you feel
Right now you're free to say it all
There is no one here to judge you
I only love you
You're free to close your eyes and fall
You can trust me, this is real
Say exactly how you feel

Tell me all your dreams
And what you think love means
We'll lock the world outside
Embrace the gift of time
Promising forever
Knowing that this moment
Might be all we ever find

Every breath of who you are
Tells a story that I love
I have finally found the truth
In what I see in you
And what I feel with every touch
The simple beauty of your heart
In every breath of who you are

Tell me all your dreams
And what you think love means
We'll lock the world outside
Embrace the gift of time
Promising forever
Knowing that this moment
Might be all we ever find

Promising forever
Knowing that this moment
Might be all we ever find

Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Cute Not to Post

Just some recent pictures that I couldn't help but post. This is my brother Dustin ("Uncle Duh-din") with Savannah. Won't he make a cute dad?

Logan at the dinosaur museum. I'm actually not really sure what he is standing in front of. Some sort of build-your-own-dinosaur contraption that's had a few too many kids play with it.

Savannah at the dinosaur museum. She was enthralled by the whole experience, as you can see.

Logan in the stroller at the dinosaur museum. I don't know why, but he wanted to ride in the stroller most of the time we were there. The exhibits were designed to be kid-friendly and hands on, but Logan preferred to sit and observe. Crazy kid.

I usually let Logan watch movies on my bed while I shower. This is how I have been finding him the past few days. What you don't see in the picture is how he almost falls off the bed each time he nods off, then wakes himself up enough to regain his balance, only to almost fall off again.

Mommy, Wow!

Logan's a big kid now! Potty training is going great! Much, MUCH better than I expected. Logan is staying dry all day, loves his Spiderman underwear, and sometimes will even go without telling me. Knock on wood!

The one part of potty training he hasn't mastered is getting his pants back on. Here's what he looked like after his most recent attempt. (Warning: the following pictures show some toddler tush.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why I Haven't Left the House in 3 Days

The conversation I have had with Logan 68 times today:

Logan: [frantically] Potty! Hurry, Mommy, hurry! Potty, hurry!
Me: Ok! Run, quick!
[Logan sitting on the toilet 7.5 seconds later.]
Me: Ok, go potty.
Logan: Big potty.
Me: Yes, you're on the big potty. Now go potty.
Logan: Blue, Mommy.
Me: Yes, that's a blue towel. Now go potty.
Logan: Wash hands?
Me: After you go potty. Try hard.
Logan: [Grunts] Hard.
Me: I know it's hard. Just try to go tinkle.
Logan: Twinkle star?
Me: No, not twinkle. Tinkle.
Logan: [singing] Twinkle star. What are.
Me: Logan, look at Mommy. Go potty.
Logan: Horsie.
Me: Yes, that's a picture of a horsie.
Logan: Worm.
Me: No, that's actually a camel.
Logan: Belly button?
Me: Yes, that's your belly button.
Logan: What's that?
Me: That's where the pee-pee comes out. Can you go potty, please?
Logan: Oh.
Me: Do you need me to help you?
Logan: Yeah, Mommy help you.
[I hold him on the toilet so he can focus. 10 seconds of silence followed by a light tinkling sound.]
Me: Good job, buddy! You went potty!
Logan: Yeah, potty! Wipe bum?

[Logan flushes the toilet, washes his hands, and puts his Diego underwear back on.]

[3 minutes later.]
Logan: Potty, hurry! Hurry, Mommy! Potty!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Potty Training Suggestions

I've decided to try and potty train Logan. It may be a total failure but I want to try during this time while I am home from work and not sending him to a babysitter. My current plan is to give it three days. If I don't see any signs of improvement or progress in that time then I'll put him back in diapers and we'll try again later.

Since this is my first experience potty training, I really have no idea how to start. Should I go cold turkey straight to underwear? Should I use pull-ups to transition? Do I let him run around naked until he gets the idea? Do potty training dolls work? Do I make him sit on the potty every ten minutes, or hang out for an hour until he does the deed? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate knowing what your experiences have been.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Water Fun

Of all the things I thought Logan would enjoy in our new house, I never anticipated the one he loves most: watering the lawn. Every night since we moved in Jeff and Logan have spent the evening outside watering the lawn and plants in the backyard. Logan loves playing in the hose and sprinklers, especially when it becomes a game to see who can get who more wet.

Jeff taught Logan to chant, "Na na na na na. You can't get me!" Once this gets going, it is inevitable that they will both be soaked before the fun is up. My favorite place to be is on the deck where I can be a spectator without getting too wet. We still haven't had our satellite TV installed because there are too many other things to entertain ourselves with. Who needs TV when you have a hose and sprinkers?

First Family Outing

After two weeks of moving, unpacking, and taking care of new baby things, we were in need of some quality family time. So we picked a cool (90 degree) evening and went to play miniature golf. Logan is an avid golfer; Jeff's parents live on a golf course so Logan thinks it is natural for a 2-year-old to play 18 holes and ride in the golf cart. It was fun to watch him play on a course more suited to his size and coordination.

For the record, I beat Jeff by 2 strokes, but that could have been because Jeff was playing with Savy strapped to his chest. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bliss is...

having not one,

but two beautiful children,

both napping...

at the same time...

for the first time in three days.