Monday, April 28, 2008

Weddings and Engagments

Love was in the air this weekend. Saturday I was able to attend my friend Laura's sealing. Laura and I were matched as random roommates our first year of college and I have been grateful for it every day since. She is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. If I could be half as good as she is I would be doing pretty well. I was overjoyed to see someone I love so much be so happy. Congratulations Laura and Austin!

On Sunday, Jeff's brother, James, became engaged! James was on his mission when Jeff and I were married (we're actually the same age). Since then we've watched him go through some tough relationships so I am very very glad he's found someone so wonderful and perfect for him. Our participation in the engagement is somewhat humorous...

James and Katy (his now fiance) have been dating just over 5 weeks. James always claimed he would date a girl for over a year before proposing so we were surprised to see this relationship progress so fast. To understand how quickly this has all gone, just 4 days ago Katy changed her Facebook status to "in a relationship." Last week I found out James had bought a ring, but he was planning on waiting until June to propose. Well, a number of events brought that proposal date up from June to NOW. All day Sunday my mother-in-law was calling around trying to collect all the romantic necessities for a proposal in the park. Sunday evening we all (Mom and Dad Pendleton, Jeff, Logan and I) went to a quiet little park in Sandy to set the scene. Then we hid around the corner as the lovebirds drove up. I stayed just long enough to press play on the video camera then crept (as well as a 7-month pregnant woman can) through the bushes and over the lawn to hide with the others. From the shadows of a house on the corner we witnessed the couple walk up, dance, eat, kiss, dance, kiss, eat (I felt pretty bad that Katy didn't know we were watching) and finally ask/answer the proposal. All the while I felt very sneaky and juvenile, but it was tons of fun.

Sidenote: There was one awkward moment when a man walked by with his dog:
Man: "How's it going?"
Jeff: "Pretty good. How 'bout you?"
M: "Not bad."
J: "I promise we're not robbers."
M: "[laugh] You're dressed pretty well to be robbers." [We were in our Sunday clothes.]
Me: "We're actually spying on those people in the gazebo." [Was that supposed to make us sound less suspicious?]

After a while we emerged from our hiding spot to congratulate James and Katy. As if it we hadn't intruded on this private moment enough, Logan proceeded to eat the marshmallows, brownies, apples, and caramels intended for the couple's fondue.

Welcome to the family, Katy.

Friday, April 25, 2008

You know you're addicted to blogging if...

you laugh at this.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is a mother to do?

Yesterday Logan said a word that sounded odd to me. Once I finally figured out what is was, I was horrified how quickly an innocent word can sound profane when pronounced by a naive toddler. Later that day, I asked Jeff if he had heard Logan say this particular word. I had Logan say it, and immediately Jeff picked up on what I had heard. At first we were dumbstruck, but as Logan repeated the word over and over again, we found ourselves stifling laughter and begging him to stop.

The word, you ask?


He has another one that also sounds like cursing when he says it:


And no, I will not post any audio with this entry so please don't ask.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Terrible Two's Begin On a High

This weekend marked the second anniversary of Jeff and I becoming parents -- aka Logan's 2nd birthday. We had been prepping Logan all week so that he would know it was his birthday, but all it resulted in was him singing, "Happy Birthday to You" to himself all day. I am not yet ready to jump into the world of neighborhood birthday parties and character-themed cakes so instead we decided to celebrate by doing fun things together as a family.

On Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo. I didn't have high expectations for the Hogle Zoo, considering the admission price was only $8. But much to my delight, it was great! Jeff would probably tell you otherwise, but he's never been a big fan of zoos. Logan absolutely loved it. He was so excited the whole time. It's hard to tell from the pictures because he was so captivated by the animals we could hardly get him to look away for a photo, much less to smile for one. His Aunt Ashley (Jeff's sister) came with us which made it that much more fun.

After we left the zoo we headed over to the Gateway and stopped in the arcade there for a bit. After our Chuck E Cheese experience a few months back, we learned Logan loves skee-ball and the hot shot hoops games. So we let him play those for awhile-- again, totally in heaven.

(We also wandered over to Gymboree where I bought my first baby girl clothes! That doesn't have anything to do with Logan's birthday, but it was exciting for me nonetheless.)

Later we went out to dinner with some friends. (Thanks for the fun night, Natie and Paul!) Logan was so exhausted from the day he slept through most of dinner, but woke up in time for the ice cream sundae. Go figure.

All in all it was a fun day for all of us, and if that wasn't enough, Logan got some great presents from those who love him most:

Grandma and Grandpa Mackay: a grow-with me basketball hoop. I'm not sure when Logan gets more excited-- when he makes a shot or misses one.

Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton: a play airplane. Airplanes are high on Logan's list of favorite things right now. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes outside with him and without fail he will find one in the sky.

Mom and Dad: a Thomas the Train bike. We bypassed the tricycle in hopes that this bike will last a bit longer. The size fits Logan perfectly, but the concept of pedaling and steering and not being distracted by the airplane overhead is still a little too much for him.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Check it out!

One of my favorite shows is coming to Salt Lake!

Click here to see what it is.

Manure, anybody?

This weekend I went to Home Depot to buy the necessary items for my square foot garden. However, I only planted two pots and consequently have lots of extra compost, peat moss, and perlite. If anyone is planning on doing any gardening and would like any or all of the above, please drop by and pick it up.

P.S. I noticed the sprinklers were on in our complex today. You know what that means... no more onion water! Hooray!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Temple Square Revealed

Working on Temple Square has opened my eyes to a world of landscaping and maintenance wonders. In the past when I have visited Temple Square I have always been amazed at how lush and perfect the flowers, trees, bushes, and grass are. Now, as I walk past the LARGE crew of maintenance workers performing their duties each day, I have picked up on some of their tricks. Like how they plant ground cover the week before General Conference. Or how they go through at least a million bulbs in the fall. Or how I saw a woman today walking around with tongs--the kind custodians use to pick up trash--snipping the fading tulips and putting them in her trash bucket. I can't say I don't appreciate all the time and energy they put into making Temple Square beautiful, but I can say my yard (should I ever have one) will probably have a more natural look.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Formative Years

Today Logan was watching a part of Ice Age (his current favorite movie) where a big ice boulder falls from a sheer cliff as a result of global warming. A beaver looks up at the cliff and says, "Dam."

Funny pun, right? Or not so funny. From across the room I hear Logan repeat back to the screen, "Dam."

Is there nothing we can show our kids anymore?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet Geegan

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Geegan. Geegan is Logan's alter-ego, who apparently is very independent and self-sufficient. Whenever I tell Logan to "let Mommy do it," he responds, "No, Geegan do it." Geegan also has all the same extremities and features that Logan has. After a day of head-shoulder-knees-and-toes at nursery, Logan wants to identify all of Geegan's body parts by pointing to his own body.

"Geegan's head."
"Geegan's foot."
"Geegan's nose."

When asked who should say the prayer, Logan volunteers Geegan before anyone else. Jeff and I have started asking Geegan to do things, as it seems to elicit a better response than asking Logan to do it. I'm sure one day Geegan and Logan will merge into one, but until Logan learns to say his L's, Geegan will be a part of the family.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Tonsurephobia - the fear of haircuts. I'm not making that up. Google it.

Logan hates getting his hair cut. He hates it somewhere along the lines of how much I hate getting teeth pulled. Up until now, we've always cut his hair at home. It usually involves one of us pinning his head against our side while the other buzzes as quickly as possible, all as Logan screams as though we are performing surgery without anesthesia. It's always a traumatic experience for all involved and I can never decide whether it looks better or worse when we're finished.

As an alternative, I decided to take Logan along when Jeff went to get his hair cut last night. I thought that if Logan could watch Jeff in action he would realize there is no reason to freak out and we would finally get over this. At first it seemed to be working. Logan calmly watched (albeit with wide eyes) as Jeff got his hair cut. When Logan's turn came, however, all it took was the attempt to put a cape on him and he was done. I felt terrible for the stylist as she tried her best to deal with my panicked child. In the end, it didn't look much different from when I do it (perhaps a little straiter in the back and around his ears), but the whole thing was done in 10 minutes and I now I don't have hair all over my kitchen. So although we didn't overcome Logan's tonsurephobia, at least we got the job done with minimal agony.

Here's the before and after.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kiss It Better

There are some things that parents have been doing for generations and no one really knows why. One of these is kissing children's bumps and scrapes to "make it better." I've always thought this is a funny thing to do because a kiss has absolutely no healing power and a scratch will not magically disappear or stop hurting just because someone kissed it. Therefore, I was pretty startled and appalled at myself the first time I told Logan, "Come here and I'll kiss it better."

Amazingly, to my shock and disbelief, it worked! He immediately stopped crying and went back to playing as if nothing had happened. Now, it has become a routine: Logan bumps his head on the table, comes whimpering over to me, and says, "Kiss it better?" I kiss his head and he skips off smiling. I had to wonder if it had gone to far when he almost lost his balance and hurt himself much worse trying to get his toe within my kissing range this morning. Or when he purposely smacks his hand on the wall so he has a reason to petition a kiss. Or when he falls on his bum. You have to draw the line somewhere.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scrapbooking Supplies

I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I've done enough to know the supplies are expensive and they NEVER go on sale. However, on Good Things Utah this morning I heard about a store in Draper that is going out of business and has put EVERYTHING on clearance. There may not be much left by now but if you'd like to check it out here is a link to their blog: http://allmymemoriesretailstore.typepad.com/. Just wanted to pass on the news.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our New Puppy

Jeff's mom loves to tell how when Jeff was younger, he would play dog. This included crawling around the house on all fours, rubbing up against her leg, and letting his tongue hang out. She said it was cute at first, but got annoying quickly. I am a little concerned about the annoying part because today Logan came up to me on his knees and started barking. I don't know where he learns these things. It must be innate.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

3 Months and Counting!

Today is exactly three months until my due date. How is it that I feel so massive and so uncomfortable with three whole months until relief? To make the time feel shorter, here is a list of things I want to do before this baby comes:

1. Shop for baby girl clothes! I was so spoiled when I had Logan that I didn't buy a single clothing item for at least a year. It was nice, but I am excited to pick out things that I like for this baby.

2. Make receiving blankets. Again, I was given tons of blankets with Logan, but this time around I can choose the fabric and have the reward of making them myself.

3. Decide on a name!

4. Teach Logan to sleep in a bed.

5. Get my blog in print.

6. Teach Logan to change diapers. (Just kidding.)

7. Teach Jeff to change diapers. (Or at least to change more than one a day.)

8. Find new crib bedding to match the quilt my friend is making.

9. Make/buy Logan bedding for his big boy bed.

10. Read the books I was given for Christmas (3 down, 2 to go).