Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who said I could be a parent? (Part 2)

Logan will be 2 in April. In the 22 months he has blessed me with the title of "Mom", I have done some pretty stupid things. The first was when I accidentally smacked his head on the wall when he was a few weeks old. Then I let him slip in the tub and swallow some water. You can read another story by clicking here about how I forced him to sleep in sub-zero conditions. But I think last night's experience beats all.

A few nights ago Logan woke up complaining about his ears. He hasn't had an ear infection yet (I know-- I'm counting my blessings) but what else causes a kid to tell you his ear's hurt? So I took him to the doctor and sure enough, one of his ears is infected. Well, since then we've been on the twice daily amoxicillin routine and suprisingly, Logan loves the stuff and thinks it is a treat to take it (again, counting my blessings).

Well, last night I was getting him ready for bed when I remembered he hadn't taken his medicine yet so I lugged him downstairs and sat him on the counter to give him his dose. As usual, he got excited as I poured the sweet syrupy substance down his throat and within seconds, the deed was done. I reached over to rinse the syringe in the sink and that's when it happened. I reached right as he lost his balance and fell left. He started to lean backwards but I was close and went to catch him from falling the 4 feet to the vinyl flooring below. I had my hands on him and was already thinking, "Whew! That was close!" when, somehow, my grip slipped and he was back in the motion of falling. Before I could respond, he landed head-first in headstand position on the floor. I was shocked. My instincts led me to pick him up quickly and check for bleeding, but the greater damage had already been done.

I had let my child fall on his head.

There's not much more to tell other than the lasting effects appear to be minimal. He doesn't seem to have a concussion and he didn't even have a goose-egg this morning. He's hurt himself worse running into walls and standing up too quickly from under the kitchen table. But my conscience is scarred. The image of him landing straight on his head will forever be etched in my nightmares. Please don't turn me in.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pregnancy #2: The First Half

Someone asked me the other day if I had put any recent pictures of myself on my blog. Despite the fact that I claimed I would better document this pregnancy, I have yet to post a single picture. So here is my attempt to cover the first 22 weeks in a single post.

Weeks 1-4: Well, since you're not even technically pregnant the first 2 weeks...
Weeks 5-13: Typical morning sickness, extremely tired.
Weeks 14-19: Morning sickness gone, motion sickness worse than ever. Feel first kicks around 14 weeks.
Week 19: It's a girl!
Weeks 20-22: She's still kicking, as well as doing somersaults, cartwheels, and the occasional punching bag exercises. Considering giving up riding the bus to work to avoid the motion sickness.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Quilt

My friend from college days (Laura, you're an angel) volunteered to make a quilt for baby-to-be. This weekend I went to this darling quilting shop in South Jordan and picked out the fabric for it. Jeff worries about having a girl because I'll spend too much on her. If this is a sign of things to come...

he's probably right.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Confession Time

Jeff hates it when I make posts like this because they bypass the purpose of our blog and appease my selfish manipulation to get a message out to lots of people at once. Sorry Hon, I'm going to do it anyway.

I have a confession to make: I have not yet read the Twilight series. I would like to, and consequently have been trying hard to avoid Twilight discussions that would spoil it for me, but as of yet have not gotten a hold of a copy. Since Saratoga Springs doesn't have a library (!), I have to either borrow books or buy them. My book budget has been spent this month, so here is where I am taking advantage of my public blog:

Does anyone have a copy of the Twilight series I can borrow?

That's all. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Copycat

I've been debating for awhile whether this is public blog material, but it is just too funny not to share. Try not to concoct too many graphic images.

Logan is at a stage where he learns by imitating everything we do. Sometimes it is cute (he tucks his bear in bed and gives him kisses), sometimes it is annoying (Jeff gives me a love tap so Logan has to smack my leg, too), and other times it just gets old (every time I cough or sneeze Logan fake coughs or sneezes back at me).

His most classic imitation lately came as a result of a training toilet he got at Christmas. No, we are not potty training yet, but Jeff's mom received the toilet as white elephant gift and figured we'd be able to find use for it sooner than she would. It didn't take Logan long to realize that it was a "his-size" version of the larger porcelain thrones throughout the house. So now, whenever he sees me go into the bathroom, he comes behind me, lifts the lid on his plastic potty, and sits on it (fully dressed). When I clean the toilet, he grabs the toilet brush and cleans his toilet, too. Now that's really a treat because when his toilet bowl gets wet, it sings a congratulatory song. My favorite, however, is when Jeff goes into the bathroom. Logan follows, lifts up the seat, then stands facing his toilet and pulls up his shirt to expose his bare belly. It cracks me up every time to see father and son standing in front of their relative toilets.

If you want another laugh, check out the latest in potty training for boys:

Follow Up on Translation Struggles

After waking up for the third time before midnight, Logan was wearing on both Jeff's and my patience. We supposed he was having a recurring nightmare (probably from watching Fox and the Hound the other day) but once again we couldn't make out what it was he wanted. This time his cries were along the lines of "wit chou." Jeff, bless his multi-lingual-ness, finally interpreted this as "with you." In other words, Logan wanted to sleep in our bed with us. I'm tired and I have to work tomorrow, but it's just so darn cute when Logan says something new. Alright, come kick me in the back for the rest of the night. Baby sister is kicking me from the inside already. May as well be bruised both inside and out.

Next Christmas I'm asking for a king-size bed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Translation, please?

I always thought that when your kids learned to talk, you learned how to interpret. Not so.

Last night Logan had a bad diaper rash. In between sobs as Jeff is changing his diaper he is repeating the same word over and over again. It sounds something like at-tie. We are both desperately trying to figure out what he wants.

"[Sob] At-tie."
"No... [wail]... at-tie!"
"At-tie! At-tie!" [Convulsions.]

Finally, Jeff hits on inspiration. "Bath time?" Crying stops immediately. We abandon the clean diaper and send our half-naked son running down the hallway toward the bathroom, ecstatic that we finally understand.

Now was that so hard?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

And the winner is...

(Drumroll please.)

It's a Girl!(Ok, so it's hard to tell from this picture, but trust me--that's a girl.)

Final poll results:

Boy - 17
Girl - 20
Triplets -2

Thanks to everyone who voted; our daughter appreciates your support. Our ultrasound this morning confirmed the polls: the Pendletons are in for frilly dresses and pink hairbows! Jeff took off work to accompany me to the doctor's office. The ultrasound technician, a seasoned but comical man, drew out the suspense by checking everything else first: the head, the belly, the arms, the legs, the heart, etc. Finally he prepped us for the big moment, "Ok, here are the feet, we're coming up over the legs now, and... (pause) ... do you remember what your boy looked like?"

Jeff, who always sees things before I do: "He didn't look like that!"

Of course, I was so anxious for the verdict I couldn't see the light grey lines they were looking at and was certain that smudge on the screen was a boy. But the tech moved the image so I could see better and, sure enough, there was my baby girl!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. I apologize for their graininess. I've always thought ultrasound pictures look a bit like skeletons so I don't expect any "How cute!" comments. But if you feel inclined to noticed how this one looks a bit like ET and that one like Darth Vader, I won't be offended.

Her hands (left) and feet (right). These are the extremities that will be punching me for the next 4 months.

The ultrasound tech said they sometimes refer to the babies as Transformers. I couldn't agree more when I saw this. Or maybe this is more along the lines of Magneto. We did name our son after an X-men so it's only appropriate that our girl look like the X-men villain.

Coming soon: the "What Should We Name Her?" poll.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Friday Night Blues

My typical Friday night:

5:00 pm - Pick up Logan from daycare.

5:15 pm - Get home. Read through every cookbook. 3 times. Decide to bake a frozen pizza.

5:45 pm - Jeff calls. Says he'll be late. Put frozen pizza back in freezer. Tell Logan to stop throwing goldfish over the banister.

6:30 pm - Jeff makes it home. Eat dinner. Do dishes. Give Logan a bath.

7:30 pm - Put Logan to bed.

7:35 pm - Check Redbox for new releases. Nothing interesting.

7:40 pm - Check to see if anything is on TV. Best option is MacGyver reruns. Turn off TV.

7:45 pm - Wonder what we are going to do the rest of the night.

8:30 pm - Go to bed early hoping tomorrow will be more exciting.

After this had happened three cold January Fridays in a row, I decided we needed to do something different. So this Friday, we are opening our doors to anyone and everyone. Please come keep us company! We won't make any official plans, but I'll have something sweet to eat and we have lots of options for activities (the Wii, board games, movies, etc.). Bring the kids, or if you live close by, put them to bed and bring the monitor (or cell phone). Come by any time after 7:00 pm. Help save us from our Friday night rut!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let it Snow!

This has been an unbelievable winter for snow in Utah... and it's not over yet! I have lived in Utah since 2002, but I have never seen snow like this. Granted, Utah has been in somewhat of a drought for the past 10 years, so what I consider a "normal" winter is far from it. But still, this is crazy! We live in a sheltered part of Utah Valley and typically only have to break out the shovel a few times during the winter. Here is the snow just from the past week or so at the foot of our driveway:

My neighbors will be able to sympathize, but my family in San Diego is experiencing sunshine and 80 degree weather this week. We almost planned an impromptu visit this weekend to escape our cabin fever, but luckily Saturday brought sunshine and mid-30 degree weather. (Doesn't sound like much, but it was enough to keep me sane for a few more days.) Sunday we got 2 more feet. Today it's snowing again. The weather forecast shows snow through Thursday. Bring it on.

In other news, here is a recent picture of Logan that I think is pretty cute. He loves hats, especially when they're Daddy's hats. Silly kid.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tag - I'm Sick of Being It

I've tried to avoid posting a "Tag" entry (you know, the kind where you answer 5 ba-jillion questions about yourself, half of which don't even apply) simply because I feel it takes away the individuality and creativity that I love about blogging. But after finding myself tagged yet again, I've decided to be both obstinate and compliant by posting a few things you may not know about me in my own version of a "Tag."

My husband, Jeff, is almost a full foot taller than I am. He's 6'3" and I'm 5'4".

I hated the name Logan the first time I heard it, but Jeff was so sold on it that I gave in and grew to love it. I've found once you name your child something, it is not possible to dislike the name because you love the child so much.

I've always wanted to live somewhere really green with lots of trees but I hate humidity. It's the catch 22 of my life. Guess I'm doomed to never be truly happy. :-)

I love artichokes. I cook them in plastic wrap in the microwave then dip the leaves in mayonnaise. Don't say that's gross until you've tried it. Logan also loves artichokes but Jeff won't touch them. More for me, I say.

I love working and hate it at the same time. I can't imagine life without my job (could I even go so far as to call it a career?) but I also can't wait for the day when I can be at home with no cares other than my family.

Usually this is the part of the post where I would tag some of you, but I won't at the fear of having it come back around and tag me again. Sorry, folks. The game is over on this blog.