Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthdays, Bubbles, and Boo!

Jeff celebrated his 26th birthday last week. I suggested rice pudding for his birthday dessert... he recommended chocolate cake. So we had both.

Logan has a hard time saying the "s" sound, so he replaces it with a "sh." In this picture, Jeff is appeasing him by blowing some "bubblesh."

How festive are we?

Logan is going to be Nemo for Halloween. Here is a preview of his costume. Note the gimpy fin.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three weeks and counting

As we approach the much anticipated 18-month mark, I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be more efficient to stake out a spot in the hallway and read the Relief Society lesson there rather than chase Logan in and out of the room for 45 minutes. Between the banging on chairs, the dumping of animal crackers onto the floor, and the pulling lesson props off the table, I am tempted to petition to begin a pre-nursery for toddlers 12-18 months old. There are moments, however, when I have to smile, like when I am leading the music and suddenly Logan is standing in front of me, leading along with me. Or when he folds him arms devoutly during what can be a lengthy opening prayer and adds his adament "Mah-men!" at the close. Or when he oh so irreverently runs laps around the room, attracting a following of other unstable walkers as he goes.

All the same... I can't wait until Nursery!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

As Logan gets older, he is becoming more and more of a picky eater. Who would have thought? The baby that we couldn't get to stop eating is now the toddler who ends up with more food on the floor than in his face. There is one treat, however, that he will eat no matter the time of day or the mood: cereal. I should have seen it coming. If I would let him, Jeff would eat cereal for breakfast (rice chex), lunch (raisin bran), dinner (shredded wheat), and dessert (fruity pebbles). So it only seems natural that Logan would follow suit.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kodak Moments

We took Logan to a professional photographer last weekend. I'm starting to think all it takes is some fancy equipment and a studio to claim professional status; however, despite the incompetency of our photographer, we managed to get a decent picture. I think we will wait awhile before attempting that again!

Here are some other fun moments from the past month or so.

We knew we had a prodigy on our hands! Right now Logan loves to play the piano... let's hope this continues into later years.

By the time he figured out how to put these on, they were too small. But he doesn't mind 'cause he knows he looks sooo cool.

Dad and Logan on the scooter at the Smith family reunion.

Logan with his cousin, Madi, taking a much needed bath after a long day at the reservoir. One day they'll probably hate us for this picture, but they were sure having fun at the time!

Check out our basement!

After many long months of hammering, sawing, painting, and caulking, our basement is finally "finished." Being the homemaker I am, I will probably never truly deem it complete, but for the moment it is furnished and painted, which is a huge accomplishment for us. So although Jeff was not able to watch the season finale of 24 in his theater, you had better believe that's where we'll be for the next season premier!

And a few other house pictures for documentation purposes...